Dracaena Sanderiana – Lucky Bamboo


Dracaena sanderiana also known as “Lucky Bamboo” was named after German-English gardener Henry Frederick Conrad Sander, although it is not related to Bamboo it is a member of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa. Its other common names are Belgian evergreen, ribbon plant (most of it are sold with a red ribbon), and panaschierter Drachenbaum.

Most of these plant species was small, shrubby with slender stems and flexible leaves that is mostly grow in rainforests. It is a known commonly sold as a Chinese decorative plant, which makes it a popular houseplant because it can survive common indoor conditions, since direct lighting can cause its leave to burn, so it makes a good indoor plant. It can grow in both soil and water which makes it unique, Lucky Bamboo with twisted shapes and this can be produced by rotating the plant stem with respect to gravity and since plants needs light source, it should be directed and depends on the grower how’d want it to grow.

Did you know?

  • Dracaena sanderiana is poisonous to pets
  • Flowering in autumn, winter, and early spring
  • It is considered as a thriving wood and is under water element in Eastern practice feng sui
  • Number of stalk has also meaning: three for happiness; five for wealth; six for health
  • Four stalks are bad luck since the word since the word ‘four’ in Chinese sounds too similar to the word for ‘death’

Lucky Bamboo Beautifies Any Space

Buy lucky bamboo plant and present it for a gift to someone who has great luck with plants or someone who kills plants regularly. The party that kills plants will be pleasantly surprised at how much abuse this plant can survive through. The plant is always presented in an ornate fashion, so it’s always a decorative gift. The simple designs of just a few stalks are displayed to perfection with simple variations in height or an added twist in the bamboo stalks to form simple designs. The multi-stalk designs can be quite complicated. They range from simple twists to intricate weaves and braids with the plant overlapping and intertwining to form interesting displays and the best part is the plant is alive and still growing.

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Buy A Lucky Bamboo Plant

A Lucky Bamboo Plant is a great addition to any home or office. According to the principles of fengshui (an ancient Chinese system that basically consists of choosing and arranging colors and items in a room in such a way that brings good fortune and health) this type of plant brings good luck to its owner. Unlike many other houseplants, they are easy to care for and are virtually indestructible, so even a person with no experience can successfully keep one alive and flourishing. Additionally, they are fairly compact, so they can fit almost anywhere, from the corner of your desk at work to a mantle in your house.

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Bring Luck Into Your Life With Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a common plant found in offices, restaurants and homes. Lucky bamboo plants are an important part of fengshui and said to bring good luck, especially if received as a gift. The lucky bamboo plant thrives in vases of water as well as potted in soil. They have a reputation as being practically indestructible and even plants that receive poor care last a long time before they die.

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Buying Lucky Bamboo Plants

Florists and specialist shops currently carry a curious plant: the Lucky Bamboo. For a few years, it has been common to see florist arrangements that feature fewer flowers and more greenery in one form or another. They are more about shape than color. The bamboo house plant epitomizes this trend. Customers around the world can buy the bamboo variant from their local shops and add a touch of spring greenery to their homes all year, while also symbolizing the good fortune they hope to have.

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Lucky Bamboo, Good Fortune, Happiness And Prosperity

Lucky bamboo is often given as a gift to signify good fortune, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It has the appearance of bamboo but is actually a mildly toxic plant called Dracaena sanderiana. It’s primarily grown and cultivated in Taiwan and China. It is grown hydroponically, but can grow quite successfully in dirt as well. The best aspect of this live plant is that it is virtually impossible to kill. It needs very little sunlight and as long as it gets some water it will live a long time.

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Tips For Buying Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is just what it sounds like. This is a special type of bamboo plant that is considered to bring good luck, often used as an integral part of fengshui. The plant looks lovely in the home, office, or any other space, and requires very basic maintenance to grow strong and healthy. These plants live a long life when taken proper care of, and really raise the spirit of people in the room with its positive, attractive aesthetic. For anyone interested in buying their own lucky bamboo plants, there are a few important steps involved in the purchasing of these plants, to ensure you get strongest, healthiest plants.

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