Terms and Conditions

American Gift Club

American Gift Club Guarantee (retail items on this website only)

* American Gift Club Guarantee covers the quality of the plant(s) “as is” meaning at the time plants are actually packed for shipping.

* American Gift Club “does not” cover the following:

1. dead plants due to cold or hot temperatures during shipping

shipment to the plant destination where weather is below freezing for plants to survive
plants left outside because no one was home to sign for or take the plants indoors, and
intentional or unintentional neglect or manipulation of the plants: for example, cutting off bamboo shoots, not adding sufficient water to plants, feeding plants with too much plant food to result in plant burn; bleaching the container, rocks or the plants; or adding toxicity to the plants.

In addition:

Orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS.
We have a 7 day guarantee on our live plants that are shipped via 2-3 day transit delivery
We do not guarantee good condition arrival if temperatures are below 35° F or above 90° F when plants are shipped via ground delivery.
When placing your order online or by phone, please let us know what the weather conditions and temperature are for your geographical location.
All claims must be made within the terms stated above. Please mail us the picture of the damaged plants for replacement or refund. No refunds issued on shipping charges.

Receipt of Bamboo Plants and Products:

The following must be reported to American Gift Club within 48 hours of receipt of bamboo plants and products (together with a case number):

wrong items
damaged goods, or

For Returns – An RA (Return Authorization) number is required for any package returns.

The pictures of plants shown on the American Gift Club web site, which includes the lucky bamboo, are shown as arrangement examples only. When you receive your plants, the leaves might not be as fully developed as the arrangement examples. For each order, we carefully select young bamboo plant sprouts to ensure the shipment arrives safely for your growing enjoyment.

American Gift Club accepts only the best quality lucky bamboo plants at their warehouse, so the bamboo plants are fresh and young. As it is with most live young plants, with patience and a nurturing environment, your bamboo will turn into mature and leafy plants that you desire.

American Gift Club Quality Assurance

American Gift Club maintains high standards for its lucky bamboo plants. Our 2nd generation growers have grown unique and quality plants for decades. These experienced growers know their plants, and know how to pick the best ones for American Gift Club’s customers. Our select bamboo plants were grown in fields, in a perfect climate for growing Dracaenas.

To ensure high standards of plant quality and freshness, our growers ship their bamboo plants to American Gift Club by air. If the plants were shipped by a cheaper method, such as sea freight, it would take much longer for the plants to arrive (the plants stay in the container for about a month without fresh air and light).

For your enjoyment and growing pleasure, and in order to present you with quality plants in their freshest state, American Gift Club purchases only quality lucky bamboo plants from their experienced growers.

Secure On-line Payment Processing:
We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on our Verisign server in order to protect your personal information from being intercepted as it passes through the internet. All sensitive information is encrypted to keep it confidental.